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Ashley Brown

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Miss Brown's Puppet Show

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My Music

Ashley Brown is a California Central Coast-based Entertainer, Actor, Singer, and Children's Education.

She loves sharing music with people of all ages, personally and professionally.

Ashley's passion is to inspire kids through entertainment, allowing them to curate the same sort of thing in their life, or to feel a sense of ownership about the environment where they feel free to be an artist.


This Is My Story

Finding Your Purpose

I have often thought, what is it that children and the elderly have in common.

I have been blessed to work as a pre-school teacher and children’s entertainer for the past 15 years which has to lead me to my most current opportunity working as a Visiting Angel for the elderly.

It is such a joy to work with both!

I have observed both the elderly and children have innocence and vulnerability. They are wiser than we think and look at life through different eyes, both with excitement and wonder.

They love to dance.

They love cookies.

They love playing games and music.

They love stories, some like telling stories, and others like hearing stories.

They both give the best hugs.

The littles haven’t yet gotten caught up in the struggles of the world and hustle and bustle of life, and what they want is love, laughter, and time spent together.

The elderly have learned to “Let Go” of past struggles and they know what the most important things are in life—love, laughter, and time spent together.

What I love most about both of them is that they can be themselves, truly themselves. We all have something to learn from them.

These are the reasons I love both generations of beautiful souls.

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